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Weight Loss Plan Tips for Dining Out

Weight Loss Plan Tips for Dining Out

You are trying out a new restaurant this weekend. And you’re really excited about it. But you’re also worried that your weight-loss plan Tips may just go out the window.

Actually, you’ll have less to worry about if you learn to eat smart. Knowing when to eat, what to eat and how much to eat will keep your weight-loss plans and diet on track. And what’s more, you’ll still enjoy your meals anywhere!

Munch at Lunch

If you plan to indulge your taste buds on the weekend, choose lunchtime. It is better to eat carbs and fats in the day time than at night. Also, eat a light breakfast to avoid overeating at lunch.

Take a stroll after lunch. It may seem hard to do at first. But if you’re aiming to lose weight by weight loss plan, sleeping off those calories is a bad idea. Go window shopping, finish some chores at home or do any other physical activity.

Eat Light at Night

If you’re going out to dinner, here are some tips to keep that weight loss on track:

  • Snack on fresh fruit or curd before dinner time. This will keep you from feeling hungry and overeating at dinner.
  • Read the menu carefully to know what ingredients will be on your plate. Choose your dishes well. Don’t order a dish just because the waiter or manager talked you into it.
  • Ask how large the portions are for the dishes you order. If the portions are large, share it with your partner or friends.
  • You don’t need to order the entire four-course meal. You can begin with a soup and salad, soup and starters, or salad and starters. Order the main course only if you’re still hungry.
  • Choose salads with less dressing and more veggies or lean meat like seafood and chicken.
  • If you want to try the main course, order a vegetarian salad with it. Or ask for the side dish (like French fries) on your plate to be replaced with salad.
  • Don’t feel shy about customising your meal. Ask if the restaurant serves healthier options such as whole-wheat pasta or thin-crust pizza or Chinese food without ajino moto
  • When your stomach starts to feel full, stop eating. Take the remaining portion home
  • Sip on warm green tea or buttermilk after meals

Food Wise

Enjoy your favourite foods while keeping your weight-loss plan in tact.

  • Italian Food: Go easy on the appetisers such as bread and dips. Taste them but don’t feast on them. Opt for whole-wheat pasta in tomato sauces rather than white sauces. A thin-crust pizza with a whole-wheat base and lots of veggies or lean proteins is a wise choice.
  • Chinese Food: Choose steamed and stir-fried dishes rather than deep-fried ones. Soups like chilli-pepper-lemon and dimsums are tasty and filling. Ask if the restaurant uses ajino moto and request them not to add it to your dish.
  • Mexican Food: Tacos and burritos with plenty of vegetables, beans and lean protein are good options. Don’t gorge on nachos and cheesy dips.
  • Desserts: Order just one dessert and share it. Take a few bites and pass it to the others. In fact, surprising as it seems, eating desserts and fruits before meals is a better idea!