What Food to Eat to Have Intelligent Baby? – Tips

What Food to Eat to Have Intelligent Baby? – Tips

Every women while pregnant will have many dreams about baby in womb. Every parent wishes to have a healthy and intelligent baby. It is very easy to get brainy, beautiful and healthy baby. It all depends on the pregnant mother who is carrying baby in womb. Pregnant women diet should be full of multi nutrients enriched foods.

Eating certain best foods can really help to get the baby you desire. Know what food to eat to have intelligent baby! Along with these foods pregnant woman must focus on mental health too as it is very important for behavioral development of the baby.

Eat these super foods while you are planning to conceive. Have a look on what to eat during pregnancy to have smart baby!

Best Food to Eat During Pregnancy for Brain Baby



Eggs and Cheese

Vitamin D rich foods for pregnancy is very essential as it is responsible for brain development of baby. Recent studies have proved that mother who is having high level of Vitamin D can get baby with good brain power. So, include Vitamin D foods during pregnancy and give birth to smart and healthy baby. Eggs, cheese, liver etc are best source of Vitamin D.


Eat a handful of almonds to have intelligent and healthy baby. Follow eating more almonds and other nuts like walnuts everyday right from conceiving. It is one of the best tips to have intelligent baby.¬†Eating almonds will boost your baby’s intelligence levels. So, eat nuts and get super brainy and healthy baby.

Sea Fish

Iodine rich foods during pregnancy are the best food to have intelligent baby. Sea fish and oysters are naturally rich in iodine content. Also, low iodine level can lead to many problems in pregnancy. So, include iodine rich foods during pregnancy to get brainy baby. Iodine greatly helps to brain power of baby in the womb.


Folic acid rich foods for pregnant women are important as it involves in brain cells formation in baby. Green leafy vegetables, spinach, lentils contain good amounts of folic acids. You can also take folic acid supplements along with Vitamin B12. Include more folic acid rich foods during pregnancy to get brilliant baby.


Every pregnant women needs omega- 3 fats as it greatly helps for baby’s brain development. Salmon is the must to eat food during pregnancy to get brainy baby. Eating fatty fishes like salmon, tuna, mackerel, sardines etc can get you smart and healthy baby. It ultimately helps in boosting brain power of baby in the womb.


Eating antioxidants rich foods during pregnancy can effectively help to get smarter baby in the womb. Blueberry is the best food to eat to have intelligent baby. It helps in baby’s brain tissue and cell development. Include other antioxidant rich fruits like tomatoes, pomegranate and all types of berries.


Eat iron rich food to eat to have intelligent baby. As iron is very necessary to supply oxygen to brain cells, eating iron rich foods during pregnancy helps to get smart and healthy baby. Spinach, chicken, red beans, figs, raisins, dates are the best iron rich foods to take during pregnancy to get brilliant and beautiful baby.


Eating a best probiotic food yoghurt during pregnancy can help in many ways for health. As yoghurt is rich in proteins it powerfully helps in nerve cell formation of baby in womb. Eat yoghurt during pregnancy to boost baby brain power and get brainy baby!


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