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What to Add to Your Shampoo for Hair Growth

What to Add to Your Shampoo for Hair Growth

Many have the question, what can I add to my shampoo for hair growth? Here is the perfect answer for it! Learn some hair care tricks that works greatly for fast hair growth! You may not have enough time to try best home remedies for hair health; still you can boost hair growth by trying these natural quick hair care ideas.

All you need to do to give best care for hair is just a quick shake up! Shake up? It may sound weird, this hair care idea awesomely benefits for hair health.

Add some best natural hair care ingredients to your daily shampoo bottle. Just shake up! Shake and sprinkle on wet hair and wash. Get your gorgeous and glossy hair back!

Natural Ingredients to Add to Shampoo

Carefully note these 10 best add-on ingredients for hair growth and make use of it effectively.

Lemon Juice or Lemongrass Oil

What to add to shampoo for dandruff? Add lemon juice or lemongrass oil as it powerfully works in getting rid of dandruff, scalp itchiness and fungal infections. What does adding lemon juice to shampoo do is it makes hair lighter, cleanse scalp well, adds shine and cures dandruff effectively. Add lemon juice to your shampoo to lighten hair naturally.

Amla Juice or Henna

Amla juice is one of the best things to add to your shampoo for hair growth and to stop hair loss. Henna or amla is good for treating frustrating hair problems like excessive hair loss, alopecia etc. Add little amla juice or amla powder or henna powder to your shampoo. It helps to stop hair fall and boost hair growth faster. Try this once a week along with the amla juice hair rinse treatment.


Adding glycerin to shampoo locks moisture and keeps hair hydrated. This is the best home remedy for dull, dry damaged hair problems. Add glycerin to regular shampoo and make your own dry hair treatment shampoo. It is one of the best natural ingredients to add to shampoo for dry and damaged hair problems.

Rose Water

Add rose water to shampoo! It beautifully moisturizes and condition hair excellently. Rose water for hair benefits to give soft, shiny, silky and healthy hair. If you have split ends, rough damaged hair try this rose water hair remedy once a week and get it fixed.

Aloe Vera Gel

Adding aloe vera gel to shampoo and conditioner can give countless benefits to hair. Aloe gel greatly soothe scalp, moisturize hair, deeply conditions and improve hair health and texture. You can also add aloe juice in shampoo and this hair care tip is suitable for all hair types.

Peppermint Oil, Almond Oil, Olive Oil

What to Add to Your Shampoo to Stop Hair Loss

You believe it or not, putting peppermint oil in shampoo gives spa-worthy hair rejuvenating experience. This is the best shampoo treatment for any scalp infections and lice. Adding sweet almond oil to shampoo strengthens and softens hair excellently. You can also add olive oil to your shampoo to stop hair fall, hair loss problems immediately.


Adding honey to shampoo gives honey like natural glossiness to hair. Rich moisturizing effect of honey on hair can make hair simply gorgeous. Add honey to shampoo for lightening hair naturally. Its gives rich softness and shininess to hair. Lighten and luster your hair naturally with few drops of honey to your daily shampoo.

Hair Care Tips:

Stop your hair loss just with a shake! Just add any one of these add-ons and shake off, put on and rinse off. You can choose any of these natural hair care add-ons according to your hair problems. It beautifully benefits for hair health. Add these ingredients in few drops to your shampoo as well as in conditioner. Use it once or twice in a week and enjoy boundless benefits for hair!