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5 Benefits of Rosemary Oil in Skin Care

5 Benefits of Rosemary Oil in Skin Care

Rosemary is a popular herb which has powerful medicinal value. It is commonly adopted in cooking to flavor up recipes. Other than cooking, rosemary oil is a best aromatic skin friendly oil which makes miracle in bringing flawless skin. Care your skin with rosemary oil to get radiant skin naturally. Read out 5 benefits of rosemary oil in skin care!

#1: Clears up acne

Essence of rosemary oil is more effective is clearing up acne and making skin layer healthy. Acne is caused of many reasons however applying of rosemary oil on acne skin completely cures acne and prevents acne problems. It stops the excess sebum production and control acne problem in two weeks.

#2: Erases Stretch Marks

Stretch marks especially seen with pregnant women can be easily disappeared on applying rosemary oil and massaging gently. Rosemary oil goes deep into cell layers and makes skin firm and soft. It clears away stretch and brings in smooth layer of skin naturally. Regularly apply rosemary oil to remove stretch marks.

#3: Anti-Aging

Aging skin which is more prone to wrinkles, fine lines and dullness can be treated simply at home on giving skin good care with rosemary oil. Essential minerals and skin friendly acids nourished in rosemary oil will get you younger skin. Treating skin with rosemary oil well before aging starts would be better way to save skin from aging skin.

#4: Cures Skin Infections

Rosemary oil is one of the most powerful skin tonics for curing skin infections. Anti-inflammatory property present in the miraculous rosemary oil reduces skin swelling and helps to heal skin infections easily. It soothes skin layer on applying over infections and also prevents scars of infections.

#5: Disappears Dark Spots & Improves Skin Tone

Anti-biotic and rich medicinal value present in the rosemary oil works well in fading dark spots and black marks on skin. Massage your skin with rosemary oil every day for couple of months and wonder about your complexion. Rosemary oil lightens skin layer and greatly enhances skin complexion.

Home-Made Recipe of Rosemary Oil for Curing Acne

  • Take few cucumber slices and extract fresh juice from it
  • Mix one egg white with cucumber juice and stir well
  • Add few drops of rosemary oil to the cucumber juice and egg white
  • Blend the mixture well and leave a mask on face for 15mins
  • Try this rosemary oil acne clearing home remedy twice a week
  • For effective results follow up rosemary oil massage to face every morning.