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7 Summer Body Care Tips for Smooth Skin

7 Summer Body Care Tips for Smooth Skin

Climatic conditions has much impact on body and skin. Basic routine skin care is essential based on every season. Especially summer skin care is must for everyone. Protect your skin from hot summer heat. High summer temperature may arise lot of skin problems. Keep your body and skin cool and refreshed. Here’s summer body care tips for smooth skin. Follow these essential tips for skincare during summer.

#1: Water

Consumer more water to beat off summer heat. It is one of the important secret of summer body care tips. Drink atleast 4-5 litres of water in summer. Intake more fruit juices, soups, tender coconut water, buttermilk to feel fresh and cool this summer. It helps to get smooth skin even in hot summers.

#2: Protect Skin with Sunscreen

Sunscreen is the top most essential product everyone must shop for summer. Use sunscreen for summer to protect skin from over sun exposure. Choose sunscreen with high SPF numbers if you getting exposed to sun more hours. Prevent suntans by using sunscreens smartly.

#3: Skin Exfoliation

Skin exfoliation in summer is really essential. As you are more exposed to vitamin D, skin becomes dull, dry and uneven. One of the useful summer body care tips for smooth skin is to exfoliate the skin routinely. Use best exfoliation products and get soft buttery smooth skin.

#4: Remove Unwanted Hairs

Remove all those unwanted hairs in the body. Hair removal helps to minimize body from heat and infections. Also, it protects skin from heat boils, sun burns and tans. Care your skin better this summer with best skin care tips. Bath both morning and in night to stay cool in summer.

#5: Moisturize rightly

After exfoliation and cleansing using good moisturizer is must. Due to hot summer weather, skin will turn dry and dull. Hydrating skin with moisturizing lotions helps skin to smile better in summer. Use right moisturizer at night. It is a useful cooling summer body care tips for smooth skin.

#6: Shampooing

Hair care in summer is most essential to prevent hair fall problems. Because, over body heat is one of the major reasons for hair fall problems like dry hair, split ends and frizzy hair. Avoid these hair problems by taking cool summer body care tips. Use hair mask with buttermilk and fenugreek paste. It cools body and prevents hair fall in summer.

#7: Heel Care

Cracked heel is one of the common beauty problem for many in summer. Apply sunscreen at day and moisturizers at night on heels. It prevents cracked and dry heels. It keeps heels highly moisturized and gives good look to feet.