8 Symptoms of Cervical Cancer All Women Must Know

8 Symptoms of Cervical Cancer All Women Must Know

As alarming rise in cervical cancer exposing women to risks, every woman must know the symptoms of cervical cancer. It is the most common cancer which puts women health under risk and it’s now overtaking breast cancer. If cervical cancer is identified initially you can prevent it entirely by undergoing treatments.

As these cancers are increasing mortality rate knowing symptoms of cervical cancer would greatly help to prevent it potentially. What is cervical cancer? How do you get cervical cancer? Read more to know the signs of cervical cancer!

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How Cervical Cancer Develops?

A human papilloma virus (HPV) infection causes abnormal cell growth in the cervical wall which becomes cancerous. As it is a infection it can spread from person to person. Some women are generally affected by unusual growth of cells in cervical wall but not all are cancerous. A pap smear test will help to identify cancerous cell growth in cervix walls. Detecting cervical cancer early and treating it timely can cure it completely. Read these cervical cancer symptoms and rule out all the possibilities.

8 Symptoms of Cervical Cancer

Signs and Symptoms of Cervical Cancer

Irregular Vaginal Bleeding

Bleeding externally is not a healthy sign. It is one of the important symptoms of cervical cancer. If you are seeing abnormal bleeding from vagina then immediately consult with a doctor and get tested.

Vaginal Discharge with Blood

Watery vaginal discharge or with blood is one of the serious symptoms of cervical cancer. If you seeing abnormal vaginal discharge you need to get tested at the earliest. It could be a symptom of cervical cancer.

Unpleasant Odor in Vaginal Discharge

Usually vaginal discharge does not have any smell. But, bad or unpleasant odor vaginal discharge is a sure sign of cervical cancer. So, take a test and consult a doctor.

Urinary Problems

If you are facing problems while urinating such as pain, discomfort, irritation then it is abnormal. Get it checked so that it can be prevented completely.

Pain During Sex

Sex is a pleasurable experience if you encounter pain or uneasiness while having sex it a bag sign. It could be one of the symptoms of cervical cancer. Get a checkup immediately.

Swelling in Legs

If you find swell in legs often, it might be a condition of cervical cancer. Don’t ignore it get it checked and be tension-free.

Back or Pelvic Pain

Common pain in back or pelvic area is not a symptom of cancer. Discomfort or great pain in the back or pelvic region accompanied with above symptoms could a symptom of cervical cancer.

Problems While Defecating

Difficulty while defecation is a serious cervical cancer symptom. Thoroughly get checked and rule out all possibilities.

Alert yourself with these 8 symptoms of cervical cancer. Following preventive measures and vaccinating against HPV infection is a smart move.