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9 Daily Tips for Diabetes in Summer

9 Daily Tips for Diabetes in Summer

Hot summer season is hard for anyone to manage especially for diabetic people as they sweat more. Diabetic patients need special cure during summer season.

Summer weather will drench out all your energy soon and make you feel exhausted. Taking good care for diabetic condition in summer is essential.

Follow these useful daily tips for diabetes in summers to prevent many health effects. Know how to stay healthy while having diabetes!

Eat Dill for Diabetes Control!

Daily Diabetes Tips for Summer Season

Daily Health Tips for Diabetes in Summer

Tip #1: Fruity Choice

Usually diabetic people sweat a lot and during summer more sweating happens. To re-energize your body, have right fruits that control blood sugar levels. Fruity choice is one of the healthy food choices for diabetes. Eat papaya, melons, berries, peach, pear, apple, guava, oranges etc. Just make a fruity delight by cutting fruits into small pieces and adding yoghurt on it. This relishing fruity is a good food for diabetics.

Tip #2: Watery Way

Go watery way during summers. Choose ultimate water content rich foods for diabetics health. Drink sugar-free fruit juices and enjoy the natural sugars in fruits. Drink caffeine-free tea, buttermilk, soups etc. Include cucumber, lettuce, tomatoes, celery etc. Sip green tea and lemon juice often to stay healthy and hydrated. Drinking fenugreek water for diabetes control is one of the useful daily tips for diabetes in summer and in all seasons.

Tip #4: Vitamin C Therapy

Vital vitamin C for diabetes is essential as it helps to fight against diseases. So, follow vitamin C therapy for diabetes which contains more citrusy foods. Intake more vitamin C foods such as oranges, lemons, strawberries, broccoli, green peppers, sweet potatoes for diabetes control. Eat these vitamin c rich foods for diabetics. It is one of the daily health tips for diabetes to lower blood sugar quickly.

TIp #5: Clean Shower & Clothing

In summer, due to hotness we tend to sweat more and feel sticky and smelly. Clean yourself by taking a cool shower twice or thrice a day. Due to excessive sweat, there are more changes for bacterial to take charge on us. Use anti-bacterial soaps as it prevent bacterial growth. It is one of the useful daily tips for diabetes during summer. Also, choose cotton clothing for diabetes as it makes you feel cool and comfortable.

Tip #6: Pedi-Care

During summer season, diabetics are prone to foot problems due to bacterial and fungal attacks. Take a 2-minute pedicure for diabetic feet at home. Fill ¼ of the bucket with warm water. Add rock salt or few drops of anti-septic lotions. Adding few drops of any essential oils is good. Always cover your foot with cotton socks and wear closed shoes.

Tip #7: No Boozing

Stop consuming alcoholic liquors especially in summers. Also, avoid drinking caffeinated drinks as it dehydrates body too much and brings in many health complications.

Tip #8: Timely Eating

Never stay too hungry as it is very dangerous for diabetics. Have healthy foods at regular intervals of time (once in two hours) and sip water or juices often. Have some sugar-free chocolates in your bag and eat it a square piece a day.

Tip #9: Routine Checkup & Workouts

Whatever ways you use to fight diabetes, a routine sugar level checkup is advised to prevent health risks. Take medicines as prescribed at right time. Also, doing yoga or workouts for diabetes patients is a best way to keep blood sugar level in control. 15 minutes of walking will do to keep up diabetes under control.

Follow all these daily tips for diabetes control in summer reason and throughout the year. It helps you to stay healthy, fit, and risk-free while having diabetes!