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Best Beauty Tips for Oily Pimple Prone Skin

Best Beauty Tips for Oily Pimple Prone Skin

Being with oily skin can cause many skin problems. It is really tough to have clean and clear skin in today’s lifestyle. Many miraculous skin care products for acne prone skin are hitting market everyday. But selecting those products for your skin requires keen attention. Also, following proper skincare routine for oily skin is essential.

Squeeze out excess oil on face and get clear skin following these easy oily skincare tips. Here’s effective beauty tips for oily pimple prone skin. Get soft, young, clear-glowing skin in a week! No more oily face! Get perfect skin you desire!

Causes of Oily Skin

Pimples can attack you with unknown reasons too. So, make sure of your everyday habits that cause acne. Other common causes of excessive oily skin are due to hormonal changes, excess oil secretion due to wrong diet, contraceptive pills, lack of skincare, body heat etc. Follow these simple beauty tips for oily pimple prone skin and get rid of it naturally!

Beauty Tips for Oily Pimple Prone Skin

  • Cleanse your face well every morning with warm water
  • Use mild anti-bacterial soap-free face wash to cleanse skin.
  • Use separate clean and cotton face towel to wipe off face.
  • Always pat towel on face and dry.
  • After bath, rinse face with cold water and wipe off gently.
  • Apply mild astringent to lock the pores before you start to apply make-up.
  • Choose oil-free cleansers and other beauty products to keep skin oil-free.
  • Always prefer menthol-based and anti-bacterial based beauty products.
  • Use gel based lotions and night creams to prevent pimples and to stop excess oil secretion.
  • Wipe off excess oil on face once in three hours using anti-bacterial facial wipes.
  • Drink plenty of water and keep body cool and hydrated.
  • Take up home face packs to get glowing, clean and clear skin twice a week.
  • Use cucumber, papaya, mint, tomato juices for oily skin care as it excellent to clear oils on face.
  • Exfoliate oily skin when it is pimples or breakouts free.
  • Use very gentle exfoliators to remove dead cells on skin once a week.
  • Apply face masks to stop acne or oily skin nature.
  • Follow proper diet for acne oily skin.
  • Avoid more oily food items, dairy products, sugar and chocolates.
  • Keep skin always fresh and dewy.

Following these beauty tips for oily pimple prone skin helps to enjoy pimple-free and oil-free skin. Get rid of messy oily skin and make it super-glowing!