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Best Natural and Fast Hair Growth Vitamins

Best Natural and Fast Hair Growth Vitamins

Do hair growth vitamins really work? Best hair growth vitamins are truly helpful for hair loss & hair growth treatments. Not only your body needs right nutrients to stay strong, even your hair needs essential vitamins and nutrients to stop hair loss as you grow old. There are many causes for hair loss but taking natural and fast hair growth vitamins boost hair growth and hair health.

How I regrew my hair naturally? There are plenty of ways to stop hair loss and to grow new hair. But some hair loss treatments work or some do not give proper results. But, taking fast hair growth vitamins is the natural solution to stimulate hair to growth. Especially, hair loss caused by alopecia, nutritional deficiency, menopause, post-pregnancy, thyroid can be cured naturally by eating balanced diet which contains more hair growth vitamins. It reflects hair health and stops hair loss problem fast.

Fast Hair Growth Vitamins

The natural solution to hair loss treatment is to add natural and fast hair growth vitamins in diet. What kind of food to eat to stop hair loss? Eat best hair growth vitamins rich foods which ultimately halt hair loss and helps for hair regrowth. Read down to know fast hair growth vitamins enriched foods.

Best Hair Growth Vitamins #1: Vitamin A

Vitamin A is one of the essential and fast hair growth vitamins which plays major role in hair growth. It adds natural shininess to hair and maintains good hair texture. Anti-oxidants rich in vitamin A prevent hair loss. Eating vitamin A rich foods for hair growth excellently strengthens hair and gets your thick hair.

Food Sources:

Vitamin A is rich in carrots, sweet potatoes, egg yolk, spinach, milk, mangoes and dried apricots.

Best Hair Growth Vitamins #2: Biotin or Vitamin B71

Biotin for hair growth is the best choice for hair loss treatment at home. Biotin is the essential vitamin for hair health which makes wonders in regrowing hair naturally. Hair boost vitamin ‘biotin’ contains good fats and amino acids. It makes hair more voluminous and healthy. This biotin vitamin is also good to grow hair faster. Biotin hair straightening is also trending these days.

Food Sources:

Biotin hair growth vitamin is enriched in many fruits and dry fruits like almonds, walnuts, bananas, raspberries and eggs.

Best Hair Growth Vitamins #3: Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is one of the fast hair growth vitamins for balding and excessive hair loss. It is said to be one of the best over the counter hair stimulating vitamins. Iron content present in vitamin B12 prevents hair loss naturally. It completely reduces hair fall and stops hair falling out of scalp gradually.

Food Sources:

Vitamin B12, the best rated hair growth vitamins is rich in milk products like cheese, milk, yogurt and whey powder.

Best Hair Growth Vitamins #4: Vitamin C

One of the top hair growth vitamins is vitamin C. It is more powerful in maintaining hair health and revitalizing hair from roots. It prevents premature hair graying and gives natural sheen to hair. Eat more vitamin C foods or supplements to stop hair loss and to boost hair regrowth faster.

Food Sources:

Vitamin C is naturally enriched in larger levels in fruits like oranges, lemon, strawberries and guavas.

Best Hair Growth Vitamins #5: Vitamin E

Vitamin E is another vital vitamin for hair growth and for hair loss treatment. This essential vitamin amazingly helps to stop excessive hair loss problems caused of scalp dryness. Vitamin E greatly boosts scalp health and holds moisture. So, vitamin E is one of the best rated hair growth vitamins to get shiny, soft and healthy hair.

Foods Sources:

Vitamin E is abundantly present in almonds, milk, peanuts, hazelnuts, avocados, kale and sunflower seeds.

Best Hair Growth Vitamins #6: Folic Acids

Folic acid for hair growth is one of the miraculous fast hair growth vitamins. If you want to regrow hair, taking good amounts of folic acids in daily diet helps a lot. Folic acids absorb two important nutrients namely iron and protein. These two essential nutrients helps for hair growth and hair health.

Food Sources:

Intake more folic acid rich foods like sprouts, milk, panner, dried fruits and beans.