Essential Health Care Tips for Diabetes Control

Essential Health Care Tips for Diabetes Control

Worried about diabetes? If you are looking for best treatment for diabetes, follow these essential health care tips for diabetes regularly. It helps you to completely forget your diabetic condition. These diabetes health tips also help to keep sugar under control and prevent diabetic complications. Start living having a feeling of diabetic-free!

Lose Weight: If you are diagnosed with diabetes or having diabetes for years, lose extra weight! It will keep blood sugar controlled and will not bring in major health issues. You do not need a fitness trainer to lose weight. Walk to cure diabetes! Yes, walk a mile everyday whenever you get time. Also, do some physical exercises everyday morning for 15 minutes and kick start your day.

Eat Dill for Diabetes Control!

Best Health Care Tips for Diabetes Control

Morning Starters: Morning drinks for diabetics can do many miracles in controlling blood glucose level. Drinking green tea, fenugreek water, okra or lady’s finger water, ginger water, dill juice, bitter gourd juice, aloe juice at morning time in empty stomach adds more goodness to diabetic’s health. So, enjoy any of these one morning drink to control diabetes everyday.

Breakfast Must: Every diabetic patient must know why is breakfast so important for diabetics? Diabetes must not skip breakfast it may be one of the bad reason for blood sugar level hike. Empty stomach will increase glucose level in blood which dimish insulin sensitivity. So, eat a fibre-rich breakfast and cut down diabetic health risks.

Dental Care: If you have high blood sugar level, you are under risk of tooth and gum problems. Diabetic patients need dental check up for every 6 months. Also, care your gums and teeth by brushing and flossing daily. Brush twice a day and gargle well after every meal.

Eye Care: As high blood glucose damage blood vessels in the retina, diabetic patients must take regular eye check-ups. Diabetes people are more prone to eye problems like retinopathy, glaucoma, cataracts etc. So, give good care for eyes during diabetes to reduce the risk of eye damages.

Skin Care: Skin care for diabetes is essential as they are prone to itching skin problems. Reduce the risk of skin problems during diabetes by giving good care for your skin daily. Bath daily in lukewarm water. Apply moisturizers for body and feet after bathing to keep skin hydrated. While moving out, always apply sunscreen lotions. Visit a doctor if you have redness, pus, swelling, severe pain as these are the signs of infection.

Foot Care: Every diabetic needs special foot care. Serious foot problems like infections are more prone to diabetes. Prevent foot problems for diabetic patients by caring feet for 5 minutes a day. Do not ignore any infections on foot, as it may leave in serious trouble. Keep your feet soaked for 2 minutes every day in a warm water added with few drops of anti-septic lotion. Wash off and dry completed. Trim your nails once a week after bathing while it is soft. Wearing comfortable and fully covered leather or canvas shoes is good. Do not walk in barefoot even indoors.

Food Tips for Diabetes: Following no-carb or low carb diet along with high-fibre diet is suggested for diabetes. Reducing carb amounts in food helps to control blood glucose effectively. Whole grains, green vegetables, fruits are very good for diabetic diet. It also reduce cholesterol level that cuts heart diseases risk.

Manage Stress and Sleep: Stress can alleviate blood sugar levels rapidly. So, manage your stress by practicing yoga, meditation or some other stress-busting ways. Sleep restfully for 7-8 hours a day as it helps for improve insulin resistance.

Check Blood Sugar: Keep your blood sugar checked once in two days. It is must for diabetic patient to have an eye on it. Also, following these essential health tips for diabetes help you to prevent all diabetic health complications.