Explore the Benefits of Yoga and Meditation to Lead a New Phase of Life

Explore the Benefits of Yoga and Meditation to Lead a New Phase of Life

The Swami Sivananda, who was known as the popular yoga master in India has stated that even though meditation can be painful at the start, but it will bless the followers with eternal ecstasy and absolute joy in the end. This much value is given by our ancestors not only for meditation, but also to the ancient technique of yoga as well. Are you interested in these wonderful techniques of yoga and meditation? It is better to understand the benefits of yoga and meditation at the first instance.

Experts are of the opinion that yoga and meditation when practiced jointly can intensify both the mind and body and these techniques will help in improving your overall well-being and fitness. As many styles of yoga unite meditation and physical movements, when you do yoga, you will meditate as well. But, you can also meditate without yoga by easily calming and clearing your mind and controlling your breathe. Both these techniques when used in a consistent manner have proven to bring many un-imaginable health benefits.

Advantages and Benefits of Yoga & Meditation


Medical Advantages of Yoga & Meditation

Stress management:

Regular practice of yoga can help in bringing down the stress responses in your body. When the inflammatory response to stressors is brought down, it will help in reducing the chances of stress-related conditions like cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure. Meditation is also identified as an efficient stress-reducing technique and it can provide relief for related issues like anxiety disorder, panic disorders and anxiety.

Improvement of flexibility:

Nowadays, most of us follow a sedentary lifestyle with our jobs associated with computers and long sitting hours. This can lead to reduced flexibility, fitness and muscle mass. Furthermore, it can also increase the strain in shoulder and neck. On the other hand, yoga poses will focus on stretching the muscles. When this is the case of yoga, meditation can improve your concentration on work, which in turn will bring you fruitful results both in your professional and personal life.

Improved brain chemistry:

One of the important benefits of yoga and meditation is that they can improve mental concentration and will bring about a general feeling of wellness by improving brain chemistry. It was scientifically proven that people with decreased brain energy and function have a reduction in some brain chemistry known as neurotransmitters. Yoga is known to increase neurotransmitters in a natural manner and it will also help in improving communication between brain cells, thereby enhancing memory and brain function.

Better diet:

Do you know that practicing yoga can help in improving your bodily awareness and fitness? Yes, this will automatically motivate you towards healthy eating habits. This will also bring improved self-esteem and these are rightly stated as behaviour-modification techniques to improve overall fitness.
Now, after exploring just a few benefits of yoga and meditation, nothing will stop you in practicing these techniques, isn’t it?