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Face Washing Tips and Mistakes – Do & Don’ts

Face Washing Tips and Mistakes – Do & Don’ts

Face washing tips and mistakes is must known for everyone to care skin best. Face cleansing is essential and it should be done in a right way. Many face washing mistakes we do spoils skin to the core. Know best face washing tips and mistakes. Stop those skin spoiling face cleansing methods and do the right one. Beautify your face naturally. It helps to keep face fresh, bright, glowing and healthy.

Boost your facial skin beauty knowing best face washing tips and mistakes. Using homemade cleansers once in a while is a best skin care advise. Famous dermatologist Sharon Nasia shares do and dont’s – face washing tips and mistakes.

1. Right Skin Care Product

Choose cleanser according to your skin type. If you have oily or acne skin, then go for face cleansers suits for oily skin type. Acne or oily skin needs mild herbal face wash or cleansers. Buy less foam or foam-free and fragrance-free natural face wash products. High fragrance and foaming face washes spoils skin health.

#2. Right Water Temperature

Use clean and right water temperature especially for face washing. It is important factor in face washing tips and mistakes. Always prefer mild warm water or cold water. Hot water face washing is the worst skin care mistake. Also, use clean and hygienic water to maintain good skin health.

#3: Frequent Face Washing

Face washing often is recommended for skin health. Wash your face atleast 3-4 times a day. Cleansing face before bed time is essential thing to share under face washing tips and mistakes. Use same face wash although the day. Change your face washes according to skin type and climate type. After face wash apply moisturizer to keep skin hydrated.  Avoid stepping out to sun immediately after cleansing face. Use sunscreens for best sun protection.

#4: Don’t Over Cleanse

Some people cleanse face two to three times at a same time. Washing face 2-3 times in a single shot is one of the worst skin mistakes. You can wash face frequently at regular intervals of time. But, avoid washing multiple times in a single wash. It damages skin and also makes skin dull and dry.  It is important thing in face washing tips and mistakes.

#5: Right Pat

While face wash never rub face badly. It spoils skin layer and affects skin to the core. Pat your skin rightly with soft cotton towels. Learn this useful face washing tips and mistakes for right skin care. Don’t rub or wipe vigorously. Just touch gently over skin and take away the water. Use moisturizer according to your skin type after 5 minutes of face wash.

#6: No Facewash for Makeup Removal

Never use face washes as make up removals. Use remover or toner or good moisturizer to remove makeup. After that wash face with best face wash for your skin type.

#7: No Replacements for Face Wash

Replacing your face wash with home cleansers like curd or milk do not work effectively. You can use these natural face cleansers just for facial or cleansing purpose. But they are not actually recommended for face washing. Face washes are effective so use it smartly. Use soap-free and skin pH balancing face washes.

Knowing face washing tips and mistakes you can maintain good skin health. Care skin like anything!