Follow Weight Loss Plateau Solutions For a Fit & Healthy Life

Follow Weight Loss Plateau Solutions For a Fit & Healthy Life

Jennifer Hudson, the Oscar Winner once said that ‘I am proud of my weight loss than my Oscar’. This sounds how much importance is give to weight loss in the lives of many obese men and women. If your aim is also to lose weight and you are steadily losing some pounds, but suddenly there is halt in your journey and you feel stuck, this stage of weight loss process is called as weight loss plateau. So, to move further, it is very important that you should look for the ideal weight loss plateau solutions.

Probably, you might be at healthy weight, but if you feel that still those 5-15 pounds are lingering, you might be wondering about the reason. Identify whether you are dreaming something too big or looking for something that cannot be reached. There are chances that your body likes to maintain a stable weight, which is otherwise called set-point weight. However, it is possible to adjust the set point weight of your body, but it can take some time. Here are the top 5 weight loss plateau solutions that can help:

Weight Loss Plateau – Effective Solutions that Work

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1. Make adjustment to your calorie intake:
As you have lost weight as compared to what it was when you began your efforts, your metabolism might have dropped now. The reason is that now your body needs lesser calories for fuelling. So, the calorie intake should be adjusted now to match the present weight loss requirement of your body. It is important that calorie goal should be adjusted once in every 10 pounds.

2. Pay attention to quality foods:
When talking about weight loss plateau solutions, it needs something more than calories in and calories out. So far, processed foods might have helped you in losing some pounds. Now, this is the time to move to quality foods like fibre-rich fruits and lean proteins.

3. Bring changes to your exercise routine:
If you have been using the treadmill for the past few months and has enjoyed the fruits thereof, it is time to make some changes to your workout routine. The reason is that you are not able to lose weight now because your muscles have become familiar with the same old exercise. So, they are making your regular exercise routine less-effective. You can choose High Intensity Interval Training, but do not be in a hurry, make a slow, yet steady shift.

4. Flush with fluids:
Remember to keep your hydration in check. The reason is even when you are mildly dehydrated your body will crave for more food. As the symptoms of dehydration and hunger are similar, there are chances of confusion. You can aim at consuming 2.35 litres of water per day apart from addition fluids that are lost during your workout sessions.

5. Talk to your doctor:
Even though, you have been eating quality foods and doing the right level of exercises, but are not able to lose weight, it is better to talk to your doctor for ruling out underlying health issues.

These weight loss plateau solutions can work out wonders for you to see fruitful results in the near future. Wish you a healthy life.