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Super Foods To Reduce Belly Fat

Super Foods To Reduce Belly Fat

Today everyone wants to have Six Pack Abs and Size Zero, and people do work hard for that. They follow a strict diet plan. Some even skip their meals just to lose weight and have their bodies toned. Some go to Gym and sweat it out. But the best thing to do instead of skipping meals and working out till exhaustion would be to do a normal cardio and have some magic food. So let’s see what those magic items which helps too reduce belly weight :


Avocado is a creamy fruit filled with lots of proteins and fiber. This fruit contains one type of healthy fat known as MUFA that actually quiets your hunger. You have half an avocado and you don’t feel to have anything else. So when you don’t have anything else that means fat in your body does not increase. Thus melting the fat already available in your body for energy consumption.


Though not liked by many but Broccoli contains heavy amounts of Fiber in it.

One serving of Broccoli contains a lot of fiber and calorie content is just 30 cal. Best veggie for some heavy weight problems.


Grapefruit! A member of the Citrus Family contains 90% water in it. This means having one fruit before a meal and you eat comparatively less. This helps in shedding one pound in a week. Also there is a compound in the fruit which lowers insulin, therefore helping in weight loss.


There is a belief that eating Almonds help you retain your memory. But in addition to that Almonds also help retain your slim look. Yes! What you are reading is true. Almonds contain healthy fats that help you shed pounds. So remember Almonds= Great Memory + Sexy Looks.


Surely it does not taste that good but on the contrary it has the best health benefits. As it is said that Good Things are always Bitter. It refreshes your mind simultaneously keeps your body in good shape. Do you know why Japanese people have slim and lean bodies? That is because they one cup of Green Tea included in their daily diet.

All these foods help you reduce belly fat instantaneously without having you much to do, to flaunt your abs or a Size zero waist.