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Gastritis in Children – Reasons and Remedies

Gastritis in Children – Reasons and Remedies

Gastritis is one of the most embarrassing and serious health issue which has become more common in children too. Nowadays many kids are facing gastritis problem which is ultimately caused of unhealthy lifestyle and food habits. Reasons and remedies of gastritis in children are briefed which will help to put off the gastritis problem in kids.

Gastritis in Kids – Reasons

Reason #1: Bad Eating

In todays world, raising up children in a healthy way is a challenging and struggling one. Children of this generation are more addicted to fast foods and chats and parents encourages them in one or the other way. Parents should advise their children about health issues caused of eating unhygienic foods. Offering those fast foods to kids on rare occasions is acceptable. See to it may not go beyond the limit and give them suggested home remedies to not get troubled by gas problems.

Reason #2: Genetics 

Gastritis in younger children and kids are also caused of genetics and stress. Family history plays big role in the cause of gastritis. As children body is build up with hereditary characters it may trigger gastritis in kids too.

Reason #3: Stress

Stress faced by kids is also a one of the major reason for gastritis problem in todays children. Normally stress related to studies causes gas troubles in children.

Gastritis in Kids – Remedies

Remedy #1: Ginger Juice is a most effective home remedy for treating gas troubles in kids. Peel the fresh ginger and chop into small pieces. Grind and extract juice from it. Children may not like drinking it as raw juice. Mix the 2 tsp of ginger juice with the cup of lemon juice added with honey.

Remedy #2: Fruits like apples, oranges, cranberry and foods like garlic, onion are filled with good amount of Flavonoids. Eating these foods will keep off gastritis problems and other stomach disorders too. It actively neutralizes acidic nature of stomach walls.      

Remedy #3: Coconut Water is a natural and excellent drink that soothes your stomach. It spreads coolness to your whole body and stops gas troubles caused of acidity. It completely pulls out body heat and stomach troubles caused of it.

Remedy #4: Honey is a natural food that is rich in iron and many other nutrients. Giving a spoonful of honey everyday will be helpful to build immunity in them. It is also a good appetizer and it will be useful to lack of appetite kids.

Remedy #5: Milk which in rich in proteins and multi-vitamins is a good drink which meets children everyday nutritional needs. Giving milk to children routinely two times a day prevents gastritis problem and also gives good bone and teeth health.

Taking these home treatments will effectively work out in relieving your kid’s gas troubles.