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Health Hazards of Wearing High Heels Everyday

Health Hazards of Wearing High Heels Everyday

Can wearing high heels cause health problems? If you are desperately looking for best tips to get used to high heels, then first read out the these consequences of wearing high heeled shoes!

Wearing high heels can hike your height and personality. But, effects wearing high heels everyday can lead to serious health problems.

So, wear them only occasionally for parties and other hang-outs once in a while. Choose fabulous flat shoes matching to your dressing style and color. This is will help you to look good and feel good for health reasons too.

Problems of Wearing High Heels Everday

Chest Problems

Wearing high heels everyday make your chest push forward and completely alters your posture. This change in chest posture will alter your body language and makes you look bad. As breasts get pushed forward, it gives a look the lady with big breast appearance. So, avoid wearing high heels daily.

Spinal Problems

Can wearing high heels cause spinal problems? One of the most important health hazards of wearing high heels is spine alignment gets collapsed. This damage in spine and hips disturbs your butt and pushes it bit backward. One of the worst dangers of wearing high heels is, it will cause severe spinal problems which might not be cured.

Knee Problems

Know how wearing high heels effects on the body! Knee bones undergo too much pressure of wearing high heels and effects knee balls. This initially causes severe pain in knee. Ignoring the pain can lead to severe problem in knees by affecting the supporting bones and joints.

Health Hazards of Wearing High Heels Everyday

Weight Management

Many might have heard wearing high heels burn more calories! No evidence served to admit this fact so far. But thousands of health hazards of wearing high heels are proved medically. Weight distribution in your body is disturbed and affects whole body in several ways.

Back Pain Problems

As your spine is experiencing more strains lots of spinal problems arise if you are wearing high heeled shoes everyday. Due to over pressure in spine cause both low and upper back pain. Wearing high heels everyday affects not only your bones and joints. It also affects nerves, tissues, foot balls and knee balls unknowingly.

Foot Problems

Does wearing high heels damage feet?  Wearing high heels cause foot problems as foot is undergoing more pressure. Foot bones and muscles are getting strained more and feet structure gets damaged to the core. This is one of the important health hazards of wearing high heels. Wearing high heels cause numbness in toes and many problems in feet. It will also cause sprain in ankle and many other foot problems.

These are the worst health hazards of wearing high heels! Knowing the dangers of wearing high heels, refrain your yourself from wearing high heeled shoes everyday. Once in a while may not be the problem. So, wear high heels occasionally!