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Healthy Facts about Dates

Healthy Facts about Dates

Healthy Facts about Dates

Dates being Nature’s sweetest fruit has a lot of healthy facts stored in its heart. Dates help us cure almost all the abdominal diseases and problems. Gives relief from constipation, intestinal disorders, abdominal cancer, diarrhoea and many other conditions. They even help us to gain weight. Experts say that eating one date per day gives you the necessary balance in your diet because of its huge content of nutrients like sulphur, oil, iron, magnesium, manganese and many more.

Dates being the store house of so many nutrients the best ingredient for muscle gain. Dates can be taken in many ways like mixing the paste in your sweets instead of sugar or even taking its syrup with milk. At the times of injury or illness this paste does wonders.

In Islam dates are considered as a special fruit. Many Muslims break their fast by eating dates according to the tradition. Scientifically, breaking your fast with dates help you to avoid overeating after the fast is finished. Due to its high nutritional content the all day long feelings of hunger are pacified.

Dates contain 20-35 grams of dietary fiber which is required by our body each day. It is even said that to maintain your eye health throughout your life you need to eat one date regularly. They even help you preventing against night blindness.Here are some facts about Dates.

Health Benefits in Detail

Bone Strength: To give a boost to your bones consumption of dates on a regular basis is necessary. Contents like magnesium, copper, manganese and selenium makes it a super food that helps strengthen bones and fighting painful diseases like osteoporosis which nowadays is too common in females. Dates are helpful particularly for aged people as it is the best ingredient to bone health.

Anaemia: Anaemia is the next major disease in women after osteoporosis. But again dates are here to save the day. The high iron content in dates makes them a perfect dietary supplement for people suffering with anaemia. The iron content in dates balances out the lack of iron content in patients’ body thus decreasing feelings of fatigue and sluggishness.

Weight gain: When we talk about weight gain we talk about calories. And for dates, one Kg of dates contains 3000 calories. The calories in dates are sufficient to meet the daily requirement of the body. if dates are taken with cucumber paste then they help you keep your weight at the optimum level helping you preventing from over slimming. Dates are the best way to gain weight when get weakness due to illness.

Nervous system Health: Potassium being the prime ingredient for promoting better nervous health is present in quite a nice amount of quantity in dates. It helps to improve the responsiveness of the nerves and improves the speed and alertness of the brain. So are you a slo-mo in your group? Then put some dates in your diet.

Although dates are totally healthy fruit but always take care in its selection. Always go for packaged dates and wash them thoroughly before consumption because their sticky coat attracts a lot of impurities. So these were some Healthy Facts about Dates.