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Basic Rules on How to Stay Slim

Basic Rules on How to Stay Slim

The word Obesity is derived from the Latin word “Obesus”, which means to eat. Thus the main cause of Obesity is over-eating. Besides over eating one more important factor is heredity. If not heredity, obesity starts from childhood. Over eating at childhood increases the fat cells. During the age of 13-16 years it is very easy to gain weight. So it is very important that you train your child to eat less and train them to stay slim at a very early stage. Otherwise the child would have to face unnecessary teasing when they attain their adolescence and when their personal appearance matters a lot to them. Keeping your child and yourself slim will not just make you look good but also will improve your immune system and health. Here are some rules that would help you stay slim and fit:

  • The first and foremost thing is that you need to start dieting. And it needs to be strict. The most important fact about dieting is that the first few weeks will be really tough for your tummy. But if you are very eager to get good results then you have to sacrifice all your cravings. In order to train your body to eat less you need to keep yourself active because an idle mind will always show you the way to the kitchen.
  • The next thing would be to stick a calorie chart at your study table and follow it. Have low calorie substitutes for high calorie food. Lean meat, fish, chicken, eggs, skimmed milk, cottage cheese, fruits and vegetables are your saviours. All kind of heavy desserts and fattening foods are your bitter enemy for the first fortnight.
  • For the first few weeks delegate your dinner table seat to your sibling and keep yourself away from the dinner table because it would tempt you to eat what they eat. So change the place of your dinner or choose a different time to eat then the rest of the households.
  • Obviously just sitting and maintaining a rein on your diet would not help. You need to do some sort of activity or exercise or workout. Take brisk walks, go out and play with your children or siblings, go for adventure sports, fulfil your dream, do anything but just don’t sit like a couch potato. This would be good for your health as well as figure.
  • Keep a track of your weight. Now it just does not mean that you will start keeping track of your weight on an hour basis because I am sorry to say that keeping such a track may depress you. Your weight fluctuates from time to time. You would be weighing considerably less in the morning than in the evening because in the morning you have an empty stomach and in the evening your stomach will be filled. Because of such natural phenomena you may weigh one or two pounds more in the evening than in the morning. So the best time of weighing yourself would be weekly in the morning with same clothes and the same weighing scale.

So on reading some of these rules you would have come to know how to stay slim and fit. Initially it would be tough for you but with time you would get used to it.