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Mayonnaise for Dry Damaged Hair – Home Treatment

Mayonnaise for Dry Damaged Hair – Home Treatment

Does mayonnaise help repair damaged hair? Not many are aware about benefits of mayonnaise for hair. Mayonnaise is a one solution for all damaged hair problems. It has many amazing benefits on hair. Nutrients present in mayonnaise are very effective in repairing dry, damaged and bleached hair. You can simply take mayonnaise hair care treatment at home and treat hair damages faster. Get good fix for your frizzy hair problem just with a miraculous mayonnaise.

Mayonnaise Benefits for Hair Damage

Mayonnaise is the best ingredient for hair damages caused by several factors. Excellent moisturizing property enriched in mayonnaise makes wonders in making hair damage-free by nourishing dry scalp. Mayonnaise is a natural conditioner for hair too.

Mayonnaise hair treatment helps to get beautiful and shiny hair by locking moisture in hair. Look down for the major causes of hair damage and also know how to use mayonnaise for dry damaged hair. Mayonnaise is an effective hair treatment for damaged hair caused by these top reasons.

  • Too much exposure to heat caused by electronic hair styling products
  • Over-exposure to sun, dirt and pollution.
  • Over-shampooing
  • Bleaching hair too much
  • Exposing hair too much to high chemical containing products
  • Chemical hair dye and hair coloring.

You can use mayonnaise for dry damaged hair in plenty of ways. Here’s mayonnaise recipe for hair damage.

Mayonnaise for Dry Damaged Hair – Home Treatment

Mayonnaise is a natural and safe ingredient to use for hair treatments at home. Vital nutrients like natural oil, proteins rich in mayonnaise helps to repair and rejuvenate hair naturally. Now let us look for the simple hair treatment with mayonnaise for dry damaged hair.

Tip: Use natural mayonnaise for the hair treatment. Avoid using fat-free variety of mayonnaise and mayonnaise substitutes.

  • Take a cup of regular mayonnaise and add few drops of any essential aromatic oil.
  • Mix well and get ready with the recipe.
  • Aromatic oil gives good aroma to the hair treatment and effectively repairs damaged hair.
  • Wet your hair thoroughly with warm water to absorb full benefits of mayonnaise on hair.
  • Apply mayonnaise + oil recipe on hair as you apply conditioner.
  • After applying the mayonnaise recipe on hair, comb hair gently twice.
  • Combing hair helps mayonnaise penetrate deep into hair and treat damaged hair amazingly.
  • Cover hair thoroughly with shower cap or warm towel and leave it for 30 minutes.
  • Rinse hair little more than usual with mild shampoo to take off oiliness.
  • Dry hair completely and detangle it.

Tip: Follow this mayonnaise hair treatment twice a month and fix damaged hair problems naturally.

Try this hair treatment with mayonnaise for dry damaged hair and get beautiful hair. You can feel soft, shiny, damage-free and beautiful hair from the first wash. Mayonnaise and essential oils repairs and replenish hair wondrously. You can also add natural ingredients like egg white, avocado, almond oil, vinegar, honey, hair care – herbs etc to get perfect nourishment to hair.

Olive oil and mayonnaise for hair is one of the proven hair recipes to treat damaged hair. Also, try other hair care recipes with mayonnaise for rough, dry, dull, damaged, bleached hair problems.