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Menthol-Based Beauty Products for Summer Skin Care

Menthol-Based Beauty Products for Summer Skin Care

Summer skin care is essential for everyone. Scorching summer heat really does much harm to skin. So, take special beauty and body care during summer to keep your skin and body smile. One of the best skin care tips for summer is to use menthol-based beauty products for skin care.

Hair Care – Oils and Shampoos

Use right oils and shampoos for hair in summer. Several mint or menthol-based hair oils and shampoos are available in the market. It offers great cooling and soothing effect on scalp. It also refreshes mind and rejuvenates hair from roots. Mint extracts in oils and shampoos keeps hair clean and refreshed. Menthol-based oils and shampoos are best for summer hair care to prevent summer hair problems like dandruff, fungal infections and hair fall. Use peppermint essential oil for hair.

Body Care – Lotions, Soaps and Body Washes

Menthol-based body lotions, creams and body washes are excellent for summer skin care. Using these kind of beauty products keeps skin highly hydrated, fresh and problem-free. You must get best menthol-based beauty products which contain mint, aloe, cucumber and other menthol ingredients. Using menthol based body lotions, body washes and soaps for summer keeps bad odor away. It adds super cooling effect to body and make your skin soft, smooth and supple.

Face Care – Face Wash

Beautician’s advice for summer is to use best skin toner to keep skin hydrated. Especially, menthol based skin toners are good for skin in summer. Use skin toners before applying make-up or sun screen lotions. It protects and cools skin for long time. Peppermint, aloe, cucumber based face washes are excellent for summer skin care. Take up face packs and facials with menthol-based massaging creams.

Hands and Feet Care – Pedicure and Manicure

Hand and feet care in summer is very essential as it turns dark and dry due to bad effects of sun. Simple pedicure and manicure at home with menthol-based beauty products helps to care hands and feet beautifully. Get menthol-based foot creams and use it everyday to get soft and supple foot. Also, use menthol-based ingredients filled lotions for hands everynight to protect hands from darkness and dryness. It also helps to clear bacteria and other skin infections caused of sun and overheat.

Take good care of skin in summer. Use best menthol-based beauty products for summer skin care!