Zyrtec is antihistamine medical product of the 2 generation which is indicated for the expectant treatment of allergic diseases during their acute conditions. It contains the active ingredient Cetirizine.

Therapeutic characteristics of Zyrtec:

  • A relief of the active semiology of the allergic diseases regardless of the type and factor caused by the immune reaction of the body
  • Arresting of the attacks of the allergic reaction in the respiratory system (bronchospasm)
  • Arresting of the acute exudation (an active production of mucosa in the nostrils, on throat, amygdala, eye watering, and others)
  • A reduction of the edema and dermatitis symptoms
  • A reduction of the skin rash and itching on the skin

The mechanism of the action of Zyrtec is conditioned by blocking histamine receptors. These receptors are very important in the formation of the allergic reaction and the intensity of the allergy symptoms.

An allergic reaction can be unnoticed but the human will have the following symptoms during the release of histamine: itching, eye watering, runny nose, redness of the skin, edema, and rash on the skin.

The therapeutic effect of Zyrtec develops within 20 minutes and lasts for 24 hours. A fast reaction to the use of the single dose helps to quickly arrest any allergy symptoms, at any stage. During the prolonged use of Zyrtec, a patient will not have a medical and psychological addiction, and the treatment adjustment is not needed.

Directions for the use

Zyrtec is prescribed for the prevention and treatment of the allergic diseases:

  • Hay fever
  • Hives
  • Angioedema
  • Atopic dermatitis
  • Seasonal and chronic allergic rhinitis/conjunctivitis

How to take Zyrtec?

The Zyrtec tablets are prescribed children over 6 years and adults for the expectant treatment of the allergic reaction. To achieve a fast therapeutic effect, the tablets should be used on an empty stomach, with enough water.

The most optimal time for the use of Zyrtec is evening hours. In the evening, the highest amount of histamine is produced by the body, and the tablets will help to quickly arrest the allergy symptoms.

  • Children over 6 years and adults are recommended to take one tablet of Zyrtec 10 mg once per day to arrest the symptoms of the acute allergy
  • In case of the prevention of the chronic allergic reactions, Zyrtec is used in the minimal effective dose of 5 mg once per day
  • The treatment is continued till the complete arresting of the allergy signs.

Do not take more than 10 mg of Zyrtec per day because it can cause a strong sleepiness and a breathing inhibition.


  • Patients with intolerance of lactose are not recommended to take Zyrtec because this ingredient is found in this medicine
  • Zyrtec tablets are not recommended children under 6 years (the most optimal form for children under 6 years is suspension)
  • In case of the chronic renal failure, the dose adjustment is needed. This group of patients is not recommended to take more than 5 mg of Zyrtec per day
  • During pregnancy Zyrtec can be used only by the doctor’s recommendation and in low dose. The treatment is terminated at the next opportunity (a reduction of the allergy symptoms)
  • Cetirizine penetrates into the breast milk and can cause an intense inhibition of the central nervous system of a child. Therefore, this medicine is contraindicated during lactation. In case of the acute need to take Zyrtec, it is necessary to refuse from the breast feeding and use a bottle feeding.


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