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Orange Peel Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Orange Peel Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Most of the people are unaware of the nutritious benefits of the orange peel when they eat orange fruit. They are rich in various pectins, vitamins, minerals and fiber. Orange peels are loaded with highly nutritious compounds that are beneficial for our health. It contains more than 60 types of flavonoids and 170 different types of phytonutrients. Here are some tips that might make you think twice before discarding the peels when you consume orange. The categorical details of orange peel nutrition facts and health benefits of it.

Helps in Weight Loss

Orange peel contains huge amounts of fiber and is low in calories. People dislike orange because of its bitter taste but it acts as an excellent weight loss content. It helps in lowering the overall caloric intake, thereby weight loss. It also exerts anti-obesity effects by suppressing weight gain by the body and formation of adipose tissue.

Helps to Get Relieve From Respiratory Problems

Orange peel exerts a lung cleansing activity by playing a vital role in breaking down and expelling congestion. It supports against respiratory problems and effective for treating asthma. It helps to recover from various respiratory problems like bronchitis, cold, flu and lung cancer as it contains high levels of histamine, reducing compounds and antioxidants.

Prevents From Digestive Complications

Orange peel plays a vital role in reducing acidity and prevents vomiting and heartburn. It is a rich source of non-soluble polysaccharides like pectins, tannins and hemicellulose. These compounds prevent constipation by increasing the bulk and reducing contact time of food with the intestine.

Get Rid of Bad Breath

If you are suffering from bad breadth chew a orange peels instead of mouth fresher to get rid of foul odour naturally. It is the cheap measure to whiten stained teeth. You can apply orange peel paste to prevent from sensitive teeth naturally.

Orange Peel Helps in Skin Bleach

Orange peel acts as an effective and safe natural scrubber for skin. As it is rich in vitamin C it can be mixed with curd or ilk to lighten dark blemishes and spots on the skin. You can also rub the peel directly on the skin or use diluted pastes to prevent skin burns and remove sun tan.It protects from harmful sun rays, increase the tone of the skin and cleanse pores naturally.