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How to Do Spa Pedicure at Home – Tips

How to Do Spa Pedicure at Home – Tips

Do you want to have a special spa pedicure at home? Spa and salons offer variety of pedicure treatments for feet care. Here’s basic steps to do spa pedicure at home. Give soft and clean feet. Let your feet jump out of joy!

How to Do Spa Pedicure at Home

  • Aromatic oil – Removes dryness and makes skin smooth
  • Shampoo – Deeply cleanses and also spreads fragrance
  • Warm water – Cleanses dirt well
  • Rock salt – Removes germs and infective particles
  • Smelly flowers – Adds more fragrance to your pedicure
  • Cotton balls – Wipes away dirt
  • Rose water – Keeps skin fresh and soft
  • Cleanser – Cleanses away impurities over skin surface
  • Tooth brush – To remove dead cells from skin
  • Moisturizing Cream or pedicure cream – Keeps skin soft and smooth and hydrated

Spa Pedicure at Home – Steps

Step #1:

Wash your legs and feet with cleanser and wipe off with towel. Apply any aromatic oil especially skin care oil (olive oil, almond oil, castor etc). Massage your feet and legs well.

Step #2:

Get ready with warm water in a tub. Add few smelly flowers in it. Put some rock salt and little shampoo for good cleansing purpose. Mix the water well and dip your feet into the tub. Learn how to do spa pedicure at home and use pedicure home kits also.

Step #3:

Soak your leg for 5 minutes and massage your feet for a while. After soaking, use soft bristled brush and clean every nook and corner of nails, feet, sole, and legs.

Step #4:

Pour little cleanser over the tooth brush and scrub gently. Clean nails and curvy skin surface where nails are attacked to the skin. For best results use pedicure creams available in online stores as well.

Step #5:

Wash one leg with the brush and let your another leg remain in the water tub. Wash both the legs well and keep your legs soaked for 10 more minutes.

Step #6:

Make final rinse with cleansers and wipe off legs with towel. Use cotton balls and dip into rose water (Gulab water). Wipe your feet and legs completely.

Step #7:

Rose water will reduce darkness of skin and make it instant glow. Let your leg skin dry for few minutes. Apply moisturizing cream or pedicure cream on legs and make gentle massage. It helps to keep skin soft and hydrated for long time.


Follow these steps and do it yourself spa pedicure at home once in a week for 5-6 weeks to get soft and supple feet.

Hope your have learned how to do spa pedicure at home. Start taking spa pedicure at home and care your feet like anything!