Weight Loss
Things to do for Weight Loss – Tips

Things to do for Weight Loss – Tips

This article is especially for people who are trying hard to lose their weight. Diet and exercise is not enough to lose weight. Here are few interesting things that you should follow to attain your goal and also to stay healthy.

1. Eat fat and break fat:

Eat 70 calories-worth of a healthy fat, like six omega-3-rich walnuts, ground flax seed or a small amount of salmon burger. In a pinch, you can snack on 20 peanuts, 12 almonds or a teaspoon of peanut butter or olive oil. Food with a little fat keeps your stomach from emptying, stimulates the hunger hormone that your stomach produces. Also do some exercise everyday to breakup unwanted fat.

2. Get 10,000 steps a day:

Instead of using a lift or escalator, try getting on the steps. You might find hard, but this is one of the best ways to burn away your calories. If you can’t do so, start walking instead of using your bike or car. Cycle is also a better option! Somehow you must take up a challenge of getting on maximum 10,000 steps a day.

3. Get a buddy:

You need a friend who is on this journey with you. A friend can support you and act as a sounding board when you face challenges and frustrations – and as a cheerleader when you succeed. Telling a buddy what your aims are helps you meet those aims.

4. Avoid the five food felons:

Those felons are saturated fats, trans fats, added sugars, syrups and any grains that aren’t 100% whole. In general, avoid junk foods, processed foods, etc. it might taste yummy but all of a sudden you will put on weight and it could be strange for you! It is okay if you are in a party and under the compulsion of eating those foods. But the point is don’t party too much and get into obesity trouble. Accordingly do exercise and compensate, so that you can keep yourself fit.

5. Structure your eating habit:

That means that you should often consume a little amount of food that you love to eat. Plan and organize your cooking habits, in such a way that you can it get the ingredients easily for which you have planned. In daily breakfast, make sure that you compulsorily add steel cut oatmeal, a wholesome cereal and an egg white veggie omelet (no cheese) for breakfast. This takes the stress and guesswork out of healthy eating.

6. Show some resistance:

Building muscle is a key to burning calories and losing weight. Therefore exercise is a key secret to reduce weight and also to keep you fit. Try out some effective workouts either by going to a gym or at home, by doing skipping, squats, push up, walking, etc.