Tips for Testosterone Facial Hair Growth

Heighten testosterone levels for effective testosterone facial hair growth!

Boys and men get their male characteristics due to testosterone hormone. This hormone is responsible for their deep voice, aggressive behaviour, hair growth in chest and face and increased muscle mass as compared to women. This hormone is also responsible for bones to become dense in men.

Healthy testosterone facial hair growth will become possible by increasing this hormone level.

When Do this Hormone Levels Start to Decrease?

Generally, this hormone will be at highest level during adolescence stage and during puberty, when boys physically change to young men. But, reports state that most men experience a reduction in the level of this hormone after 30 years. This will lead to many changes in the body.

Due to the decrease of this hormone, some men will experience testosterone facial hair growth reduction as well. Studies state that an average man generally loses 1% of testosterone every year after 30 years. Even though, the loss will happen in a natural manner, by the time you reach the age of 40 years, you might already have lost 10% of this hormone level.

Tips to Increase Testosterone Level with Lifestyle Changes

If you are looking for ways to increase this hormone level in your body, here are some lifestyle changes you can bring:

1. Foods Rich in Zinc and Monounsaturated Fats

Do you know that foods that are rich in zinc and monounsaturated fats can bring about a natural increase in this hormone level? The thing to remember is that when talking about foods, it is recommended that you should keep away from soy foods and they can bring down the testosterone levels.

2. Compete

Generally, boys at their young age will be in competing mode always and also they will also have a sense of mission. But, by the time they reach 30 or 35 years, this sense will automatically reduce and this is also stated to be an important factor contributing towards the reduction of this hormone level. So, turn yourself to competing mode to naturally increase its level.

3. Weight Management is Important

University of Aberdeen has found that obese men have 60% higher chance of reduced testosterone level that leads to lesser facial hair growth as compared to men with ideal weight. So, weight management is something important. Maintain a healthy diet and do exercise regularly to make sure that your weight will be at the ideal level.

4. Stress management:

Of course, among the many ill-effects of stress, a reduction in testosterone is also an effect. So, you should take all sorts of steps to keep your increasing stress-levels at bay to bring a natural improvement in the testosterone production.

Abstaining from smoking and alcohol consumption are also important for fighting against the decreasing testosterone. Furthermore, include aerobic exercises and even for testosterone facial hair growth, you can take testosterone therapy, if nothing seems to work out for you.