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Top Causes for Dry Damaged Hair

Top Causes for Dry Damaged Hair

Top causes for dry damaged hair affects should be known to maintain hair healthy. Dry and damaged hair problem stops hair growth and also damages hair scalp. Hair breakages and split ends will be seemingly more. Hair also appears very dull and dry.

How to Repair Dry Damaged hair?

There are many ways to repair damaged hair naturally. First and foremost it necessary to analyze top causes for dry damaged hair. Let’s prevents hair from drying and damaging.

Top Causes for Dry Damaged hair

The prime reasons for the damaged hair are,

#1: Change of water

Water quality highly matters for your hair nature and type of hair. Cleansing hair with hard water persistently leads to damaged hair. Frequent change of water for hair cleansing may also result in dry and damaged hair. Water softener can be used to make hard water to soft water. Wash hair with soft and clean water.

How water affects hair nature?

Natural element like chlorine present in water damages hair while cleansing. High chlorinated water discolors and causes dry and damaged hair. Avoid washing hair with hard water.

#2: More use of chemical products to hair

Using of bad and cheap chemical products to hair such as hair sprays, hair gels, hair creams, hair dyes causes damaged hair. Low quality chemical products produces bad effects on hair, thereby make hair go tangled and frizzy.

How chemical products affect hair?

Scalp is very sensitive part in the human body. Sometimes it produces allergic reaction when using low quality hair products to hair. As scalp gets critically affected of unbranded products hair gets damaged easily.

#3: Lack of oil in scalp

Lack of oil in scalp is one of the top causes for dry damaged hair problem. Proper nourishment should be fed to hair to be free from damaged hair problems. Scalp requires certain amount of oil to stimulate hair cells to grow. Lack of oil in scalp deactivates hair follicles and affects hair.

Why scalp needs oil to grow?

Scalp must always have some amount of oil to keep hair cells nourished. Hair roots gets strengthens of oil and induces new hair to grow. Scalp without oil leads to dryness of scalp which may result in dry or damaged hair.

#4: Over shampooing your hair

Shampooing hair excessively dries scalp completely and hair becomes dry, rough without oil in the scalp. Shampoo your hair thrice in a week. Scalp naturally contains certain amount of oil in it to prevent hair from drying. Over-shampooing hair causes harmful to hair roots and leads to damaged hair.

#5: Lack of proper attention to hair

Everyone should pay proper care to hair to grow hair well. Not all natural products are safe to hair. Choose best quality products to treat hair and to maintain it silky smooth.

#6: Lack of nutritious food supplements

As trends changes from season to season, lifestyles, food styles everything changes. Adapting changes in food doesn’t supply sound nutrients to hair. Hair lacks necessary nutrients and gets dry and damaged.

These are the top causes for dry damaged hair. Prevent them well before and grow hair healthy!