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Top Seeds for Weight Loss and Women’s Health

Top Seeds for Weight Loss and Women’s Health

Staying healthy and maintaining balanced body weight is a really challenging task in today’s lifestyle. Nuts are said to be more nutritious filled and healthy for body. As like nuts, healthy seeds also have powerful nutrients in it. Eating top seeds for weight loss and women’s health will help to manage life without health risks. These seeds contains rich fiber, vitamins, mono-saturated fats and other necessary nutrients in it. Enjoy 5 Top seeds for weight loss and women’s health.

Top Seeds #1: Chia seeds

South America is the native of chia seeds and it widely used in America. Chia seeds are fully packed with anti-oxidants, omega-3 nutrients, fiber and rich minerals. Eating chia seeds in right amount will multiply body health. Rich anti-oxidants present in Chia seeds offers excellent benefits in preventing aging diseases. More than all benefits of Chia, it is well-known for its weight loss benefit. Chia seeds helps to burn body fats in a healthy way.

Top Seeds #2: Flax Seeds

Flax seeds are best in delivering women’s health needs. Flax seeds are loaded with many elements such as omega-3 and fibers. Along with these components Flax seeds contain phytochemicals which more helpful in maintaining hormonal balance especially of female hormones.  Taking a serving of flax seeds will boost your body metabolism and also stops all hormonal health problems which most women are facing.

Top Seeds #3: Hemp Seeds

Essential amino acids and proteins are enriched in hemp seeds. Vitamin E present in hemp seeds helps for hair growth. Fats present in hemp seeds prevent knee and joint pains in older ages. Hemp seeds builds excellent immune power in the body. Adding hemp seeds in diet is helpful for cutting down the risk of heart diseases. Hemp seeds are used in medicines for various reasons as it contains more health value.

Top Seeds #4: Sesame Seeds

Sesame seed is one of the top seeds for weight loss and women’s health. It is mostly adopted in Indian cooking by extracting oil from it. This edible seeds controls blood pressure and keeps away heart risks. Sesame seeds are available in both brown and white color. High amount of calcium in sesame seeds helps for bone health. Eating sesame seeds during menopause periods will help to ease menopause symptoms easily. Sesame oil helps for oral dental health by removing plague and gingivitis.

Top Seeds #5: Mustard Seeds

Mustard seeds contain unique healing property in it. Good quantity of phytonutrients present in mustard seeds helps for frequent migraine attackers. It aids for good digestion and improves metabolic rate. It is also more useful to people who suffer of lack of appetite. Taking mustard seed oil will help to fix sleeping troubles caused during menopausal periods.

These are the 5 top seeds for weight loss and women’s health. Stay fit and healthy forever!