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Use Clay for Oily Skin, Pimples, Acne – Masks

Use Clay for Oily Skin, Pimples, Acne – Masks

Using clay for oily skin is one of the trending beauty treatments that are receiving good responses. You might wonder why clay comes into picture recently for skin care?

From the ancient times, clay is widely used for many medicinal purposes for health and beauty benefits. As many oily skin treatments fails to give good results, people started to search for ayurvedic remedies for oily skin. In that way people getting aware of this natural clay treatment for oily skin.

Most common skin problem caused by oily skin are pimples, acne, pimple marks, large pores, blackheads, whiteheads. Does using clay for oily skin really works? What is clay is made of? How using clay benefits oily skin? Read down to know on using clay for oily skin!

Clay is a finely grained soils which contains rich minerals, metal-oxides and other ingredients like silica etc.  There are many types of clay naturally available in the earth. Knowing which clay to use for oily prone skin is really essential to treat oily skin problems rightly.

What Kind of Clay is Good for Skin 

Kaolin Clay is still given during pregnancy for health benefits to consume orally. Kaolin clay good for skin care too.

Bentonite Clay is formulated in many nutritional supplements for easy digestion. This clay is used in many natural skin care products to treat skin problems.

Green Clay is an organic french clay that has excellent properties which help skin problems. It prevents acne, softens skin and gives good glow.

How Using Clay Help Oily Skin?

Clay contains powerful properties which give good care for oily skin type. It is an excellent sebum or oil absorbent. It naturally suck oils from skin and restores healthy skin. Clay acts as an anti-bacterial agent and prevents microbial or bacterial growth. Anti-oxidants rich in the clay protect skin from all barriers. Taking clay masks for oily skin boost new cell generation which fades away acne marks, pigmentation from skin. Using clay for oily skin greatly helps to get rid of oily skin, stop pimples or acne problems. You can use clay for oily skin in form of face masks. Get clean and clear skin! Nowadays, clay is also used in many natural skin care products for oily or acne-prone skin. So, look for this main ingredient next time when you choose beauty products for oily skin type.

How to Use Clay for Oily Skin Care

Use Bentonite Clay for Oily Skin - Masks

Knowing which kind of clay to use for oily skin is not sufficient to reap its benefits! Also, learn how to use clay for oily skin. There are plenty of beauty treatments available for oily skin using clay. Combing clay with natural herbs gives big benefits. Read more to know the best clay mask for oily acne skin!

Green Tea and Clay

Try best clay mask recipes for oily skin and get rid of it naturally. Green tea and clay mask is a best mask for pimple prone skin. Simply shop clay used for beauty treatments. Brew and take warm green tea. Pour green tea into clay and mix it well. Apply it on face after it gets cool. Leave it until it dries. Clay masks take some time to dry. So, wait patiently until dries. Wash off with cool water.

Cinnamon and Clay

Using cinnamon for oily skin can do many wonders. It is the best herb for oily acne prone skin that clear pimples on face overnight. Applying cinnamon oil over acne or breakout at night gives instant pimple clearing results in the next morning. Many medicinal properties rich in cinnamon oil help oily skin to make normal skin. Mix cinnamon oil and clay together. Apply it as a face mask and leave it until it dries.