Yoga Tips for Healthy Pregnancy

Yoga Tips for Healthy Pregnancy

Motherhood is the most beautiful experience that a woman would experience in their life time. Yet the ninth month trimester brings out the variety of changes and emotions in your body. Yoga can handle anxiety and makes woman relax when their feet swell due to the water retention. You can use yoga and meditation as effective guidelines for your happy pregnancy journey.

Yoga Postures Safeguard Easy Delivery

During the first trimester opt for standing postures that may help you to improve circulation, increase energy, strengthen the leg muscles and reduce leg cramps at the later stage. Don’t practice posture that would pressure your abdomen or do not overstretch your abdomen. Give up the difficult yoga postures during the advance stages of pregnancy.

Listen To Chants of Your Choice

The positive impact is felt by the growing baby. It provides us the soothing, purifying and energizing effect that activates the subtle energy centers. The chanting sound of yoga relaxes your mind and brings you out of stress and keeps you calm.

Intake Healthy Foods

Retain the level of calcium in your body by consuming plenty of milk and yogurt. Consult your doctor to know the best foods which suits your health.A light and easy to digest vegetarian diet that includes lots of green, leafy salads, fruits and water are preferable.

Stay Cheese!

Always have a smiling face and it is important for a baby too. Yoga and Meditation will help you to stay relaxed and happy. You can learn mediate on your own or use a guided meditation online. Spare your time with your friends and lovable to keep yourself happy. Also relax your mind by hearing soothing music and watching good comedy.

Fix a Routine for Meals, Exercise and Sleep

Plan your daily schedule that includes yoga and meditation, morning walks, gentle exercise, refreshing swimming. Keep some time aside for these routines during pregnancy in order to strengthen your body. And these may not be easy in the latter stage of pregnancy.

Here is the list of posture for practice during pregnancy,
1. Sukhasana (seated yoga posture)
2. Viptritkarni (against the wall)
3. Shavasana (Final Relaxation)
4. Shoulder lifts
5. Vajrasana (yoga posture) with ujjai breathing
6. Tadasana (yoga Mountain Pose)
7. Konasana-1
8. Konasana-2
9. Veerbhadrasana (Warrior yoga posture)
10. Paschimottan asana (seated forward bend)
11. Titliasana (Gentle butterfly yoga posture)
12. Yoga Nidra (yogi sleep)
13. Neck exercises
14. Marjariasana (Cat yoga pose)
15. Trikonasana (Triangle yoga posture)

Consult your doctor and yoga teacher before practicing yoga postures. Practice of yoga postures also depends on whether you have practiced yoga poses prior to your pregnancy.